Wheaten / Blue Wheaten / Splash Wheaten Ameraucanas

These birds are known for their beautiful blue eggs. When bred together, these two colors will produce more Wheaten and Blue Wheaten offspring.


These adorable bantam birds lay small lightly tinted eggs. With their poofy faces and soft hair-like feathers, they are great pets and perfect for every household.

Blue, Black, Splash Copper Marans

These birds are known for their beautiful dark brown eggs. Glossy blue, black or splash feathers topped with shimmery copper makes this variety absolutely stunning.

Lavender Orpingtons

Coming soon! This beautiful variety of Orpington has soft lavender-colored feathers and are great layers of large eggs.

Olive Eggers

Named because of their gorgeous eggs that range in many shades of green. This variety is developed by breeding a dark egg layer to a blue egg layer.

Frizzled Tolbunt Polish

With their curly feathers and big hat, they are beautiful and fun all in one!