Olive Eggers are aptly named because of their eggs beautiful shades of green. From army to sea-foam and anything in between, Olive Eggers will lend a gorgeous bounty to your egg basket.


Because they are a hybrid, Olive Eggers can possess any physical characteristic such as any feather color, beards, muffs, clean or feathered legs, etc as they are a cross between a dark brown egg layer and a blue egg layer. Marans and Ameraucanas are frequently used to create this cross however any cross of the two above colors can work. When an Olive Egger is bred to another Olive Egger the resulting offspring will also be Olive Eggers. Olive Eggers can also be bred back to Marans and the resulting offspring will lay an even deeper shade of olive egg. 

Chick: $7

Fully feathered chick: $10

Pullet (young female not laying yet): $18

Laying hen: $28

Hatching egg: $2