Our Pigs

Our registered KuneKune pigs are the pride of the farm. Enjoy the photos! 


Why KuneKunes?

KuneKune pigs are a wonderfully-sized small to medium size pig. They are full of personality, dang cute and easy to handle making them perfect for those with little experience with pigs or those looking to expand their homestead.

This rare breed is great foragers, doing well on pasture, garden extras, and other feeds. If provided proper ground, KuneKunes may require very little supplemental feed which will help keep overall costs down. Whether you're looking to raise your own organic meat, utilize your pasture with a small animal or provide for your family these pigs are a great choice.

Once almost extinct, these pigs are making a comeback thanks to breeders like ourselves. They grow to a mature size of up to 450 pounds and live up to 15 years. They come in an array of colors, have short legs and are covered in short or long hair. They may even have wattles under their chin.

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BSF Piggies
BSF snow pig
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BSF nursing pig
BSF Piglet
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Sleeping Pig
running pig
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