Silkies are named because of their fluffy silk-like plumage which is very different from typical feathers. Silkies are a bantam variety that have pretty pearly blue ear lobes and a big poof, called a crest, on their head. They may or may not have beards. Silkies are one of the few chicken varieties that have 5 toes on each foot! Another neat characteristic of Silkies is their black skin and meat. Our Silkie flock consists of predominantly lavender, but also white, paint, buff, blue cream, black. One can hatch all of those those colors and the occasional partridge. All but one is bearded so most offspring is bearded as well.


Our flock also contains Showgirls, which are known for their lack of feathers on their neck, and Satins, also called Sizzles that are both available upon request.

Silkies lay on average 3 lightly tinted small eggs per week. They are often broody and make great mothers. Because of their docile personalities they make great pets for children.

Chick: $8

Fully feathered chick: $12

Pullet (young female not laying yet): $20

Laying hen: $30

Hatching egg: $2 each